kellie plenty

Hi, I’m Kellie Plenty

manager of Jaguar Stay

As someone who wholeheartedly believes in the revitalising magic of taking things slow, I’m absolutely thrilled to create a haven where you can come, unwind, and rediscover the beauty of nature while savouring life’s delightful, simple pleasures here at Jaguar Stay.



Nestled in the heart of picturesque Mogo, New South Wales, our six luxury villas are more than just a place to rest your head – they’re a testament to passion, creativity, and a dash of adventure.

The story of Jaguar Stay begins with my father, the visionary behind the concept and design of each villa. It was his dream to create a destination where nature’s beauty meets luxury. 

These villas aren’t just places to stay; they’re his living, breathing masterpieces.

jaguar stay luxury villas accommodation mogo south coast


From construction to maintenance and the warmest of welcomes, our family has poured their heart and soul into Jaguar Stay.

We believe in creating not just a place to stay but a space where memories are crafted. Your comfort and joy are our top priorities.


jaguar stay luxury villas accommodation mogo south coast


It was my husband and my brother who took my father’s designs and breathed life into them, constructing and building each villa with their own hands. Their dedication and hard work transformed those intricate designs into the impressive structures you see today.

These villas are not just buildings; they are a tribute to family bonds and shared dreams. When you stay with us, you become a part of this beautiful journey, surrounded by the love and passion that brought Jaguar Stay to life.

Escape to our captivating villas and discover a world where every moment is an adventure and every corner holds a story.

Where memories are made

We had a very relaxing weekend stay in Villa 2. While the villas seem close together at first they are in fact very private and well appointed. The only noises you hear are the animals from the zoo at feeding time and you’re unlikely to see another human. Everything has obviously been thought of. The farm is cute and worth an explore. We would happily stay again.
Jake S
Nov 2022
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