Things to do in Mogo and surrounds

Mogo, a charming historical town on the far South Coast of New South Wales, is conveniently situated inset 10 minutes from Batemans Bay and Moruya along the scenic Princes Highway.

For those traveling from Sydney, it’s a leisurely four-hour drive, while if you’re journeying from Canberra, you’ll find Mogo a mere two-hour trip. In addition to its prime location, Mogo boasts an array of award-winning attractions, delightful boutiques, Botanic Gardens and a captivating wildlife zoo—all within a quick 10-minute drive of nearby beautiful beaches.

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Mogo Wildlife Park

This enchanting zoo is renowned for its commitment to animal conservation and education. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to connect with a diverse array of exotic and native species, from majestic lions and playful meerkats to colorful macaws and adorable red pandas. Mogo Zoo’s dedication to breeding endangered species and providing them with spacious, naturalistic enclosures is both heartwarming and educational. Beyond the captivating animal encounters, the zoo offers interactive experiences, guided tours, and educational talks that provide a deeper understanding of our planet’s incredible biodiversity. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply seeking a memorable family adventure, Mogo Zoo promises an unforgettable day filled with awe-inspiring encounters and a renewed appreciation for the natural world.

Beaches in Eurobodalla

Beneath the vast, endless sky, Eurobodalla unveils its collection of stunning beaches, each offering a unique experience. Picture soft, powdery sands, cerulean waters, and waves that beckon surf enthusiasts. Nestled between Batemans Bay to the north and Mystery Bay to the south, Eurobodalla boasts a coastline that stretches over 100 kilometers—an invitation to lay down your beach towel and savor the seaside bliss.

In the vicinity of Batemans Bay, you’ll discover popular gems such as Surf Beach, Malua Bay Beach, and the inviting shores of Broulee Beach.

For a tranquil walk, venture to the southern end of Broulee Beach, where a sandbar leads to Broulee Island Nature Reserve, the gateway to the 4-kilometre Broulee Island Reserve Walk. Along this scenic trail, you’ll encounter coastal vistas, native flora, marine birdlife, and exceptional spots for rock fishing, including the renowned surf break at Pinks Point.  

eat, drink + shop

Embark on a delightful morning excursion to Mogo Brew Crew, where an inviting retro aqua-colored van awaits. Here, you can savor a freshly brewed coffee, indulge in a soft-serve ice cream, and perhaps succumb to the allure of a few irresistible sweet treats. For a more substantial meal, find a cozy spot in the leafy courtyard of Grumpy and Sweethearts Café. If you’re in the mood for something savory, Mogo Pies serves up delectable homemade pies, sandwiches, bagels, and an array of delectable cakes. Don’t forget to treat yourself to their luscious vanilla slice—it’s a must-try. Those with a sweet tooth won’t want to miss Mogo Fudge & Ice Cream/Lots of Lollies.

After indulging in these culinary delights, take a leisurely stroll to burn off some of that sugar on the Mogo Bushwalk. You’ll discover more enticing shops along the way, including Mogo Nursery, the charming In and Out kitchen shop, the eclectic Middle of Mogo gift shop, and Hidden Treasures, where you’ll find a captivating selection of Balinese handicrafts. Don’t forget to explore the exquisite jewelry offerings at Juela Mogo. And for a dose of local and regional art, food, fashion, homewares, and furniture, make sure to visit Mogo Collective. Your day in Mogo promises a delightful blend of flavors, shopping treasures, and natural beauty.

Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden

Spread across 42 hectares of lush forest, The Garden showcases an impressive collection of indigenous plants from the region. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the gardens while sharing the space with a diverse range of native birds and wildlife. The Garden boasts a range of attractions, including a captivating display garden, a well-curated herbarium, a plant nursery, a sprawling arboretum, as well as idyllic picnic and barbecue areas. For those looking to unwind, there’s also a welcoming visitor center and a charming café on-site. Best of all, admission is completely free! The Garden is open from Wednesday to Sunday, as well as on all NSW school and public holidays, excluding Good Friday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

If you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll, The Garden offers a choice of five tracks spanning from 500 meters to two kilometres, totaling six kilometers in length. These tracks provide an opportunity to explore the natural beauty at your own pace, with estimated walking times ranging from 20 minutes to two hours. The difficulty level is considered easy, and two of the tracks offer limited mobility access. To begin your journey, simply turn east off the Princes Highway, approximately five kilometers south of Batemans Bay, onto Deep Creek Dam Road.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, dedicated volunteer guides lead informative guided walks on most months. Typically, these walks are scheduled for the first Sunday of each month. To confirm availability and schedule, be sure to visit their website for updates and details.

Mogo Mountain Bike Trails

The new adventure hub in Mogo will be completed in April 2024. The Mogo Mountain Bike Trails will see the construction of 155km of bike network which will include a mix of bike park style gravity trails and XC trails to suit experienced mountain bikers, and closer to town you will find more gentler trails for beginners.

With one of the entrances to the trails directly across the road from Jaguar Stay, there is no need to drive.

For comprehensive details about stunning new destinations and experiences to explore in the Eurobodalla region, click the link below. 

Jaguar Stay at Mogo invites you to slow down and take time to enjoy the simple pleasures, where natures tranquility meets luxury.

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